Intelligent Measurement and Control for Nonlinear Systems

Short description:
The aim of this special session is to discuss and disseminate the most recent advancements in theory and applications of intelligent measurement and control systems for nonlinear plants. Intelligent measurement and control systems are an active area of research. They can represent a wide class of nonlinear systems, such as continuous-time, discrete-time, time-delay, and adaptive control systems. In particular, fuzzy-model based control and piecewise systems provide a systematic and efficient approach for controller design and stability analysis of nonlinear plants. Intelligent control systems are being used in a range of applications from electrical and mechanical systems including power plant, automobile, flying vehicle and robot, to biological, biomedical systems and complex networks.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Luka Eciolaza, European Centre for Soft Computing, Spain.
Tadanari Taniguchi, Tokai University, Japan.