Fuzzy Measures and Integrals

Short description:
Since the pioneer works of G. Choquet and M. Sugeno, fuzzy measures and integrals have encountered increasing interest and investigations in areas such as fuzzy set theory, measure theory, decision theory, game theory and artificial intelligence. The Choquet and Sugeno integrals are the best-known examples of fuzzy integrals. The domains of application of the fuzzy measures and integrals are very wide since they cover among many others, multi-criteria decision aiding, decision under uncertainty, data fusion, and classification. The main asset of fuzzy measures is to capture the non-additivity of the various dimensions that are aggregated. This allows representing the interaction between the criteria, the synergy among the players, the redundancy among the features, and also complex decision behaviours such as a vetoes or risk aversion.

Christophe Labreuche (Thales Research and Technology) and Michel Grabisch (University of Paris Sorbonne)