Fuzzy logic in Boolean framework

Short description:
As the two valued realization of the Boolean algebra is a framework for classical logic, classical theory of sets, classical relations, so is the real valued realization of the Boolean algebra a framework for the Boolean consistent Fuzzy logic in wider sense. The real-valued realization of the Boolean algebra (RVBA)[1], known as Interpolative Boolean algebra, is generalization of the famous classical two-valued Boolean algebra realization. All Boolean axioms and theorems are satisfied in the real-valued case as in the classical two-valued case (excluded middle for example as the most problematic in conventional fuzzy logics). As a consequence, all applications based on the classical finite Boolean algebra can be directly generalized by RVBA. Actually, fuzzy logic based on RVBA is the Boolean consistent fuzzy logic contrary to the conventional fuzzy logics. This is very important in the fields where conventional fuzzy logics, fuzzy sets and fuzzy relations are not adequate (theory of concepts, prototype theory, quantum logic etc.). The goal of this invited session is to bring together researchers interested in the Boolean consistent treatment of graduation (in logic, theory of sets, theory of relations and their applications).

We would be glad if you express your interest to this session. Please send us a tentative title with authors (name, institution) by November 15, 2013.

[1] D. Radojevic, Real-Valued Realizations of Boolean Algebras are a Natural Frame for Consistent Fuzzy logic, On Fuzziness, A Homage to Lotfi Zadeh – Volume 2, pp. 559-565.

Proposal of Papers:
Please send an email with the above data to: dragan.radojevic@pupin.rs
The session will be organized only if we receive a congruent number of articles.

Session Organizer:
Dragan Radojevic
University of Belgrade
Mihajlo Pupin Institute
Volgina 15
11000 Belgrade